My top 5 reasons working with Heather is the best: 1. She's so friendly! Working with Heather is such a treat- talk about great customer service. 2. No request is too big! Heather literally moved every piece of gym equipment in our basement to help with the overall flow. 3. Heather has great ideas. I was stuck- and so uninspired. Heather crawled into my brain and delivered the best results. 4. Heather is Fast! I can't believe what she get's done in the time she spends. Very impressive! 5. Heather comes prepared! She has everything she needs- I didn't have to coordinate anything. In a nutshell- hiring Heather was the BEST decision. Do not even think twice. And Im a picky customer- so you will not regret it. I can't wait to work with Heather on the next project!

Heather T.


I never once dreamed that I could have a home that didn't reflect the chaos of my mind. Then Heather entered my life. All the shame that I felt about my lack of balancing my work life with my home life dissolved instantly as Heather entered my space and understood my challenges. I left for a week and returned home to a brand new space that also feels familiar. The systems she put in place made such intuitive sense that even though I wasn't there for the process, I knew where everything was. It was as if she spoke to each item and asked where it should be!  All I know is that every quarter I want her back to keep me on track and work with me to build systems that grow with me and that I cannot imagine a move, life change or challenge that I would want to face without her. Thank you so much for freeing my mind and my life. 

Emily B.


"Heather came into my tiny, cramped kitchen and created so much space! I can't believe that she was able to transform the space into a spacious, easy-to-work-in space. I love my "new" kitchen!" 

Leanne W.


"What a great job done by Heather today! She is efficient and tidy and thorough and all of the awesome qualities we needed to get our home office organized. Not to mention she’s so friendly and I feel like I’ve known her for years, which made the whole “come in to my house and organize my things” part, a breeze! Can’t wait to have her come back for the mud room/ laundry room overhaul!"

Pamela W.


"I hired Harmony to help downsize my parents from their house of 50 years to a two-bedroom condo. Not only did Heather win over my parents, but she completely saved our family from so much stress. I didn’t know where to start, and there were so many memories attached to everything. She came into the house with no judgment and just got to work. We are so happy with Harmony, and will be recommending to all of our friends."

Laura D.


"I didn’t know where to start with baby-proofing our new house. I felt totally overwhelmed. Heather came in and had such great ideas for making sure our baby stayed safe and gave us peace of mind! Ideas I would never have thought of!"

Mara L.


"We hired Heather to come into our office and do a re-haul of our workspace. We had so many duplicates in different places, and systems that just weren’t working. Heather created a centralized space for materials, and found spots that made space for our daily work environment. We feel way more organized and take relief in knowing we aren’t missing opportunities by not knowing where products are."

Andi H.


"Heather made organizing my new kitchen so stress-free. It's overwhelming to have every kitchen item you own in a giant pile and don't even know where to start, but Heather had a plan and went straight to work, making sure that I was ok with each decision she made. As a result, we'd transferred our old kitchen to our new in only a few hours and best of all, it's functional for our family."

Kelly M.


"Heather was a pleasure to work with and a great help to sort out my disasters in my pantry and walk in closet. She made me feel at ease and that anything can be accomplished. I can’t wait to work with her again and have her do her organization magic."

Shauna C.


“Heather has such good ideas! I would never have thought of putting the toys and gardening stuff near the door, that’ll just make our lives so much easier.”

Warren T.


"Harmony Organization is some of the best money I have ever spent! I was so overwhelmed by what had become of my office space that I didn't even know where to begin. Heather walked in and made it seem like no big deal, she was so friendly and happy to help, it was done with no stress and in such a quick manner. Heather was a hard and efficient worker who I would have back in a second for all of my organizational needs!"

Lindsay M.


I found this service to be like taking a huge overwhelming weight off my shoulders. Heather was able to come into my very disorganized space and turn it into workable space. I went from three cluttered storage areas, to now an office, a storage room (that’s accessible!) and a garage - all of which are organized with like items near by. It was honestly like a dream come true to have everything put away properly.

Samantha A.