Harmony Organization is a full-service professional organizing team based in Edmonton, Alberta. We strive to integrate structure into your personal and professional life. Our services are designed to stand alone or be used together to provide you the best service possible.

Harmony services Edmonton and surrounding areas. We offer a free 30 minute assessment. At the assessment, we see the space, chat goals and budget and come up with a timeline. We offer online assessments too if that works better for you!

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Compassionate Downsizing/Right-Sizing and Assisted Living Moves:

We understand just how challenging it can be to downsize a home - emotionally and logistically. Harmony is a compassionate and considerate partner, helping families downsize/right-size and transition into the new perfect space for your life. 

  • We will take care of disposing of unnecessary items and will help to identify and facilitate the proper method (donation, sale or storage)

  • Organization of your new space

  • Senior Assistance: sometimes it takes more than just organizing things and moving them. We offer other services such as shopping/organizing for one person, helping get settled into a new area (familiarizing with new shopping stores, bank etc.), and life organizing


Harmony at Home:

Organizational solutions for the entire home.

  • Baby Proofing: designed to ensure little hands stay away from adult things, keep you organized while looking out for the health and safety of little ones

  • Closet Organization: color coding, organization based on your lifestyle and preferences

  • Laundry Room & Mudroom Organization: safe, tidy storage with systems to make laundry days more efficient

  • New Home Organizing Solutions: design of storage systems to ensure that you get off on the right foot

  • Nursery Organization: safe, functional storage options that still look cute

  • Pantry & Kitchen Organization: assessment of existing space, creation of new storage and organization solutions - ensuring your kitchen experience is efficient

  • Photo Organizing: categorize, scan and digitize your photos


Professional Services:

A clean work space makes room for efficient workers! We know just how crucial it is to be productive while at work. Let us help you organize your office space to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Methods to maintain organization

  • Organization of physical workstation

  • Organization of entire office space

  • Teaching sessions to ensure email, tasks and your calendar work for you

  • Event organization/project management