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“Harmony” is defined as a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts.

Harmony Organization was founded on the premise that harmony in our homes leads to peace in other areas of life. As our lives become increasingly more cluttered and demanding, we know all too well that a harmonious balance can be hard to achieve. That’s where the Harmony Organization team comes in.

Our Founder, Heather Harcott, is known for her exceptional organizational prowess, and honed her skills as an organizational guru working as an Events Manager for numerous large-scale corporate events. Heather explains that her favorite part about events management has always been the organizational component, and says that “finding the sweet spot where your event is so organized that it seems effortless is the best part of the job.” Having processes and systems in place for a large event just makes sense, but too often this consideration fails to extend to our everyday lives. It feels like our lives increasingly resemble large-scale events – between dropping kids off at school, caring for aging parents, and juggling our busy careers and social calendars, it’s all too easy to let things at home fall between the cracks and become disorganized. At Harmony, we believe that an organized home is a healthy and happy one.

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