When I first started dreaming about Harmony, it seemed like the sky was the limit! I had all of these ideas about what I could do, and how I could do them. The earliest idea was to somehow incorporate some form of container storage to my offerings, and of course, Tupperware was my first thought. Now, fast forward two years later, and I’m doing it! I’m now officially selling Tupperware. Yay!! This seems like a super natural add on to my existing services - my clients need this product in their homes!

Tupperware has an amazing pantry option. I can actually measure your space, look at your regular grocery list and figure out the correct sizing of Tupperware containers that you need. Say goodbye to those extra baggies of your leftover pantry items. This is actually what I am most excited for!!

The second thing I am excited for is more options for your busy life, while being environmentally conscious. We recently as a family purchased the sandwich saver . My husband takes a sandwich to lunch EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, and it makes me so happy to use this re-usable container over Ziplock baggies every day.

Lastly, I went to my cousin’s Tupperware meal prep party two weeks ago and things started resurfacing. Why didn’t I do this sooner! We made five, four-portion meals, AND took them home in NEW Tupperware freezer safe containers. Seriously, any Mom’s dream! So - stay tuned… I’m hoping to host some of these meal prep parties in the very near future!

In the meantime - have a browse around my Tupperware site, and let me know if you have any questions!